About Numem

Numem is leading the way in advancing memory via its NuRAM and SmartMem SOC subsystem IPs and Memory SOC Chip/Chiplets. Numem enables high-performance MRAM with a significantly lower power profile than SRAM via the precise management of MRAM’s non-volatile capabilities.


Based on upon standard MRAM production processes, Numem’s patented NuRAM memory enables best in class power, performance and reliability with 2.5x smaller area and 85x-2000x lower leakage power than traditional SRAM. Combined with SmartMem SOC subsystem, it enables SRAM like performance and/or  ease-of-use by enabling significant performance and endurance improvement, a comprehensive adaptive memory management along with optional and customizable SOC Compute in Memory.

Numem Technology at a Glance

NuRAM Low Power Memory IP

State-of-the-art, patented memory technology based on industry proven MRAM. Fast access times and extremely low leakage power make it an attractive upgrade to traditional SRAM or nvRAM as well as embedded Flash.

SmartMem IP

Fully synthesizable and configurable memory subsystem IP that enables significant improvement in power, performance and endurance not only for NuRAM but also other third party MRAMs as well as RRAM, PCRAM and Flash

Chip / Chiplets

Numem Chip/Chiplets incorporate Numem NuRAM and SmartMem IP technologies to deliver advanced memory for demanding cache and AI applications from edge nodes to servers. Contact Numem for more details 


Ideal for local storage of AI model weights and coefficients as well as code+data storage as 2-3x smaller and 85x to 2000x lower leakage power than SRAM

Lowest possible power for AI model weights and high-level cache. Lower total cost of ownership.2-3x higher density per area.

High reliability and resilience with optional SuperBIST enabling better calibration/testing and on-board diagnostic during operation