Ultra-low power memory for AI and Edge Processing Applications disrupting the semiconductor industry by enabling cost effective integration of non-volatile memory and lower power alternative to SRAM. NuRAM IP Cores are available for a wide range of memory densities from 4Mbits to 4Gbits

Benefits Over SRAM

Numem’s NuRAM (based on MRAM) provides an excellent SRAM and Flash alternative for SoC Designers/Architects. NuRAM is 2-3x smaller area and > 20x lower leakage power than SRAM. The smaller size enables to reduce memory footprint or put more memory on-chip enabling to significantly reduce power hungry DDR memory access. Moreover, NuRAM can be powered down completely without the loss of data.

Security Benefits

Numem embedded memory solutions provide another layer of Security as they are inherently immune to common snooping techniques such as Voltage Contrast hacking. NuRAM is also immune to Row Hammer effect which has been used to compromise computer security and network-based attacks.

Benefits Over Flash

Numem’s embedded memory solutions provide multiple orders of magnitude improvements in Power, Write Performance and Endurance while also offering ease of use and programming.